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> Young Voices for the Planet YouTube page

> The Book: How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate: Scientists and Kids Explore Global Warming

In the News:

> NPR interview: Psychology and Social Science Reveal Deep Underpinnings of Climate Change Denial

> Boston Globe

> WBUR radio – Films Inspire Young Environmentalists

> NY Times – On the Allure of Ostriches and New Paths in Climate Communication

> Huffington Post – Films Champion Inspiring Youth Solutions to Climate Change

> Mongabay – 25th Anniversary of ‘The Great Kapok Tree’

> Young Voices For The Planet was featured in the CLIMATE CHANGE LIVE Webcast. Click here to watch the archived webcast >

> Click here to read Lynne Cherry’s New York Times blog for “On the Allure of Ostriches and New Paths in Climate Communication”

> Young Voices For The Planet’s Lynne Cherry Helps DC Celebrate Earth Day at Union Station

> Click here to listen about Lynne’s books and the Young Voices for the Planet films

> Click here to read what Lynne says about kids having an impact on Climate Change,”Life Notes: Inspiring children to impact global warming” by Stacy Hawkins Adams

> Click to check out the Young Voices for the Planet films on the National Geographic Education blog

> See article about Lynne Cherry producing the film “Longing for a Local Lunch”

Lynne Cherry: Digging in the Dirt, by Katherine Pierpont of Essential Learning Products

> Eco-Author Lynne Cherry Launches Young Voices for the Planet DVD at NAAEE Conference in Raleigh, NC Oct. 12-15

> Student Environmental Leaders initiated solutions to reduce carbon footprints

> Read About Felix’s Tree Planting Around the World

> Olivia Bouler convenes a meeting at the Ned Smith Center in Pennsylviania

See the Websites of the young people in the movies:

> iMatter Youth — Youth empowering youth to become a voice of the climate crisis.

Team Marine — These students in Santa Monica got a ban on plastic bags bu they’re doing many other environmental projects, too

> Green Ambassadors — Learn how you can green your school from these California teens

> Plant for the Planet — Felix Finkbeiner’s website can help you plant trees, too!

Other non-profit links:

> GreenMyParents — young people show their parents easy ways to save energy and money

> Dream In Green —  a non-profit that can help your Florida schools do an energy audit and figure out how to reduce your carbon footprint

> Alliance to Save Energy — a non-profit that can help your California school (and some other states, too) do an energy audit and figure out how to reduce your carbon footprint

> Young People’s Trust for the Environment — a charity which aims to encourage young people’s understanding of the environment and the need for sustainability

> Climate Solutions Consensus

> Dream in Green, a Miami-based nonprofit organization helping schools go green, recently showed the “Dreaming in Green” video in Jakarta, Indonesia.

> Power Of One Woman — “Power of One Woman” began with the intention of inspiring other women in finding their own power and voices in speaking and working for the earth.


Website links to our films:

> World Oceans Day – Teens
> World Oceans Day – Teachers
> World Oceans Day – Youth Projects
Aquatic Sciences
CAMEL Climate Change Education
> Climate Change Live
> Climate Mama
Climate Institute
(The) Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education
(The) Coalition for Science After School
(The) Communication Initiative Network
Earth Island Institute/Brower Youth Awards
Green Schools Initiative
International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN
(The) Mother Nature Network
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Information Exchange for Marine Educators
National Science Foundation NSF
National Wildlife Federation NWF
North American Association of Environmental Educators
Time for Kids
Wild and Scenic Film Festival
Voices of Youth


Awards for Kids Making a Difference:


If you know of a young person who is making a difference in the world,
please nominate them for the Gloria Barron Prize.

The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes,  founded by author T. A.
Barron in honor of his mother, recognizes outstanding young leaders who
have made a significant positive difference to people and our planet.

These young people reflect great diversity: They are female and male,
urban and rural, and from many races and backgrounds.

To learn more about the Prize go to:

Congratulations to winners of The Gloria Barron Prize including the
star of “Kids vs Global Warming”, Alec Loorz.


The Brower Youth Award recognizes six young people in North America annually for their outstanding activism and achievements in the fields of environmental and environmental justice advocacy.

To learn more, go to: The Brower Youth Awards website


Awards & Screenings

The eight Young Voices for the Planet films that have been viewed by over half a million people at venues such as the United Nations, the COP 15 Climate Talks in Copenhagen and at Rio + 20. They’ve been shown to Congress and screened at science centers, schools, libraries and museums such as the American Museum of Natural History and at many annual conferences such as AAAS. The films have been selected for inclusion by many film festivals such as Mountainfilm at Telluride and Wild & Scenic—and also selected for their traveling film festivals which screened at 150 venues and were viewed by 250,000 people. Three of the Young Voices for the Planet films won first, second and third place in the MY HERO film festival. The films were translated into Russian for screening at Russia’s largest national environmental conference and into Polish for teacher conferences and workshops in Poland. The films have also been subtitled for hearing- impaired audiences.


Media Links:

> BBC TV World News America
> Climate Challenge Interview with Lynne Cherry
> Climate Change in Our World Exhibit
> Climate Tide (NPR affiliate station blog WCAI/ WGBH)
> Denver Film Festival
> Getting the Picture
> Living on Earth
> National Wildlife Federation
> Natural Resources Defense Council web magazine OnEarth “How to Teach Your Children About Climate Change Without Scaring Them” by Gary Braasch and Lynne Cherry
> Paul F-Brandwein Lecture “Young Voices for the Planet: Inspired and Empowered Youth Tackle Climate Science and Solutions”
> Smithsonian/NASA Astrophysics
> Treehugger