Year-End Letter from Caleb Carlton, YVFP Executive Director

Dear Friends of Young Voices for the Planet,

On behalf of our youth, I’m asking you to send YVFP into 2022 with the support we need to continue cultivating hope and positive action as young people grapple with climate change, environmental degradation, and intersecting social injustices. By making a year-end donation to YVFP, no matter the amount, you’re joining us at a critical moment to help young people find their power and pathway to shape the future of their communities and the planet.

In the past year, several studies were published revealing the widespread extent, and increasing severity, of the “climate anxiety” that young people are experiencing. One benchmark study of 10,000 young people found that 45% of youth worry so much about climate change, it affects their daily lives. The same study found 68% of young people reported feeling “afraid” because of climate change, while 57% reported feeling “powerless.” 

The mental and emotional health issues that young people are experiencing are systemic consequences of our insufficient response to the environmental issues we face. For more than a decade, YVFP has been a leading force in helping young people counter the paralyzing impacts of fear and powerlessness by engaging in positive actions and developing solutions for a safer, healthier, and more just future. 

YVFP has big plans in 2022 as we continue to help youth across the globe navigate, and work to solve, the climate and environmental crises of our time. We’ll be publishing new short films that share the success stories of the next generation of youth heroes, and developing a collaborative youth storytelling platform for young people to share their solutions and successes with one another. But we need your support to move forward. Please join the growing community of YVFP supporters and make a year-end donation today.

With Gratitude,

Caleb Carlton, Executive Director

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