The mission of Young Voices for the Planet (YVFP) is to limit and mitigate the magnitude and impacts of climate change by empowering youth, through uplifting and inspiring success stories, to take an essential role in informing themselves, their peers and their communities—becoming leaders and changing laws, changing minds and changing the world.

Our award-winning documentary films feature diverse young role models on the front lines of climate change, reducing the carbon footprint of their homes, schools and communities—while saving money and improving health. California kids ban plastic bags; Florida students save their school $53,000 in energy costs; an 11-year-old German boy plants millions of trees; and a 10-year-old Connecticut girl’s dynamic speeches help shut down a coal-fired power plant. These films along with our Civic Engagement and Democracy Curriculum and professional development for educators, give young people hope and the tools to take action and make a difference—even though they’re still too young to vote! 


Civic Engagement & Democracy Educator Series — Now Online!

Are your students concerned about environmental and justice issues? Do they want to know what they can do? Our professional development programs will show you how to empower them! Formal and informal educators from all subject areas are invited to participate in an our Civic Engagement & Democracy Educator Workshops – either online (through New York State Mid-Hudson Teacher Center) or in person (at your venue). Help students overcome “motivated avoidance” in the face of doom and gloom climate change messaging. Employ the power of peer success stories and civic action as an antidote to fear. Give young people hope and the tools to change minds, change laws and change their communities.


The Young Voices for the Planet films has reached an estimated 11 million viewers nationwide through distribution by American Public Television. APT provides thousands of hours of high-quality, top-rated, entertaining, educational and empowering programming to America’s 360+ public television stations. The films are also included online in the PBS LearningMedia catalogue.


View the trailer and get a glimpse of the great work being done by youth all over the world. Our award-winning movies, beautifully filmed in high definition, were produced by popular author/illustrator/filmmaker Lynne Cherry with a team of award-winning producers, cinematographers and editors.