After more than a decade of innovation in youth voice empowerment and environmental education, over a dozen short films produced, workshops and film screenings hosted across the U.S., and numerous creative partnerships, Young Voices for the Planet (YVFP) is now entering its next phase of growth as part of the Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF), a dynamic nonprofit with the mission to establish sustainability as an integral part of every child’s K-12 learning experience.
YVFP is excited to announce that it has completed a transfer to CELF of the Young Voices films and legacy resources, which will soon be available on CELF’s website ( . Please stay tuned for updates! As part of CELF, YVFP will continue to expand its impact of inspiring and supporting youth to take action for a sustainable future.
CELF is grateful to all former YVFP board members and staff, youth leaders, donors and grantors, volunteers, partners, and friends, for their support and leadership through the years. As CELF deepens the legacy of YVFP and its co-founders, Lynne Cherry and Gary Braasch, it is energized by the prospects of a bright shared future.


The Young Voices for the Planet films has reached an estimated 11 million viewers nationwide through distribution by American Public Television. APT provides thousands of hours of high-quality, top-rated, entertaining, educational and empowering programming to America’s 360+ public television stations. The films are also included online in the PBS LearningMedia catalogue.


View the trailer and get a glimpse of the great work being done by youth all over the world. Our award-winning films were produced  with a team of expert producers, cinematographers and editors.